When learning new words, spaced repetition helps to cement them in your memory. This monthly digest helps you to review all our daily verbs from the last month, and refresh those that have fallen through the gaps! Remember to check verbedujour every day to help expand your French vocabulary. Progress is best made at a steady and consistent pace.

And don't forget- you can drill your conjugations with the mini-game. Just search for the verb you wish to practice (or select the dice icon for a random word), and choose your weak tenses from the game's settings.

Your French verb recap for December

combiner - to combine
Arthur combine son travail et ses loisirs.
savoir - to know
Antoine sait nager.
anéantir - to annihilate; to wear out
Cette nouvelle a anéanti mes projets.
refuser - to refuse
On a refusé Antoine dans cette école.
rester - to remain
Raphaël est resté chez lui se soigner.
analyser - to analyze
Ils analysèrent la situation dans les moindres détails.
chausser - to put shoes on; to fit
Samuel a chaussé Marie avant de l’emmener à l’école.
résumer - to summarize
Antoine a résumé l'intrigue en quelques lignes.
satisfaire - to satisfy
Ceci satisfait la curiosité d'Alice.
identifier - to identify
Samuel a identifié le tableau.
bousculer - to bump into; to liven up
Nathan a bousculé la chaise.