When learning new words, spaced repetition helps to cement them in your memory. This monthly digest helps you to review all our daily verbs from the last month, and refresh those that have fallen through the gaps! Remember to check verbedujour every day to help expand your French vocabulary. Progress is best made at a steady and consistent pace.

And don't forget- you can drill your conjugations with the mini-game. Just search for the verb you wish to practice (or select the dice icon for a random word), and choose your weak tenses from the game's settings.

Your French verb recap for February 2020

partir - to leave
Le chemin part de la gare.
déguster - to taste, sample, savour
Victor déguste les vins.
émigrer - to emigrate
Ces capitaux émigrent en Suisse.
tourner - to turn
Arthur tourne pour prendre le périphérique.
désirer - to desire, to wish
Antoine désire que Emma parte.
doubler - to pass
L'inflation a doublé la valeur de la maison.
anticiper - to anticipate
Arthur a anticipé le remboursement de deux jours.
voler - to steal, fly
L'avion a volé jusqu'à Gap.
accueillir - to welcome
Léa a accueilli deux réfugiés chez elle.
fouetter - to whip, lash
Courir fouette le sang.
crisper - to tense; to get on someone's nerves
Antoine a crispé ses doigts sur le volant.
éveiller - to arouse, awaken, kindle
Le latin éveille l'intelligence.
croire - to believe
Nathan croit que Clément est malade.
diriger - to direct
L'intérêt seul dirige Raphaël.
bâtir - to build
Samuel a bâti un empire.
accuser - to accuse, blame
Nathan accuse Marie d'avoir commis ce vol.
observer - to observe
Clément observe les moindres détails.
cocher - to check off, tick, notch
Arthur a coché chaque case.
encourager - to encourage
Cette loi encourage les gens à ne pas payer.
contredire - to contradict
Raphaël contredit les déclarations de Victor.