When learning new words, spaced repetition helps to cement them in your memory. This monthly digest helps you to review all our daily verbs from the last month, and refresh those that have fallen through the gaps! Remember to check verbedujour every day to help expand your French vocabulary. Progress is best made at a steady and consistent pace.

And don't forget- you can drill your conjugations with the mini-game. Just search for the verb you wish to practice (or select the dice icon for a random word), and choose your weak tenses from the game's settings.

Your French verb recap for December 2018

craquer - to creak, crack
Le plancher craque.
nettoyer - to clean
Thomas a nettoyé son compte bancaire.
feindre - to feign
Raphaël feignait de ne rien comprendre.
déprimer - to depress
Qu'Eva soit partie a déprimé Raphaël.
désoler - to distress, sadden
L'épidémie a désolé les campagnes.
créditer - to credit
Antoine crédite son compte de dix francs.
coordonner - to coordinate
Laure a coordonné les motifs des rideaux et du papier peint.
relire - to reread
Le correcteur a relu le manuscrit.